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The installation note

Source:https://baike.baidu.com/item/插座     Release time:2019/4/12 15:17:00

1. The installation height of the socket shall be installed according to the design requirements when the design is specified; When the design is not clear, generally should conform to: with the safety door socket no less than 0.3m; Socket with no safety door is not lower than 1.8m. It is advisable to buy a socket with a security door whenever possible, as the price difference between the two is not significant.

2. Waterproof and splash-proof sockets with good sealing shall be used in sanitary or other damp places. (note: the socket with safety door is a plastic baffle (safety door) in front of the metal reed-jack in addition to the ordinary socket. When the plug is inserted into the three-hole socket, the grounding pile head (slightly longer) should be inserted into the hole first. The operator of the mechanism in the socket should open the other two hole doors. The two-hole socket must be inserted into the socket pile head at the same time.

3. When the socket is installed, its panel should be straight and close to the wall. And wiring (phase) should conform to: single-phase two-hole socket, the right hole facing the socket or the upper hole phase line (live), the left hole or the lower hole zero line; Single-phase three-hole socket, the right hole facing the socket is connected to the phase line (L, live wire), the left hole is connected to the zero line (N), and the upper hole is connected to the ground wire (PE).